“A first piano teacher has incredible potential to shape a young person's relationship with music, and I remain grateful to this day that Patricia was mine.  Patricia’s teaching gave me an invaluable foundation on which to build a rewarding life in music: she had a gift for knowing precisely what I needed as a developing student and person, and her thoughtful, caring pedagogy continues to resonate in my life as a pianist and teacher.  Patricia taught me not just how to play the piano, but also how to listen, create, and think—in short, how to be a musician.”

Dr. Johnandrew Slominski
Assistant Professor
Eastman School of Music


"Patricia teaches her students to love music, not just play the piano.  And they get it — they understand how to listen and how to make music, no matter where they came from or how they began.  I was impressed not only by the dedication of her students to their performance and their practice, but by the atmosphere of mutual support and shared discovery that I found in her studio.  Patricia is in my opinion a teacher of the highest caliber — a teacher's teacher, whose humility, patience, and directness are always in the service of music and of the students in her care."  

Dr. Albert kim

BA  Harvard

MM, DMA  Eastman

Assistant Professor of Keyboard Studies, Linfield College Department of Music

Certified teacher, MTNA/OMTA


"Patricia Scordato brings to the music profession exceptional educational and performance excellence. With some 30 years in the music industry, she helps to guide both young students and adults in developing musical mastery at the piano. Her students have distinguished themselves in competition and in community outreach. She is one of the leading music professionals in the US today. “

Dr. Jill Timmons

Founder and Director: Artsmentor.com

O’Malley International Associates

Author: Oxford University Press 


"Patricia Scordato is one of the best teachers of piano in Oregon. Her students play like artists and they have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of music theory. Best of all, they play with great joy and confidence. As past president of Oregon Music Teachers Association, I have had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Scordato’s students in many state performances.  In addition, I have adjudicated her entire class in the OMTA Syllabus Evaluations. Any student who has the opportunity to study with her is lucky indeed."
Mary Ann Guenther, BA. MA. NCTM

"Patricia was the ideal piano teacher for my young son for 8 amazing years. We felt so very blessed to have found her and celebrated Sam’s embrace of classical music and mastery of piano skills through her skilled tutelage.  Thanks to her support and expert instruction, Sam won countless piano festivals and mastered every level of the Oregon syllabus program. He even won a concerto competition and performed with an orchestra. We treasure our memories of those weekly piano lessons that were the best hour of our week for those precious years."

Davina Friedman Doby, (Lake Oswego, OR)

"Patricia Scordato is by far the best music teacher I ever had. Her strategies and techniques for practicing can make anyone a better musician. She will be sure to break any old bad habits you may have and turn them into new effective ones. She also teaches important skills to make sure you put on your best performance for the audience. In every lesson, Patricia's energy and vigilance helped me to focus on bringing various emotions and dynamics into every piece. She is the sole reason I was able to strengthen my knowledge in music, and her encouragement has helped me develop & apply my love for music into different parts of my life."

Ryan Lew, student (West Linn, OR)

"Teacher Patricia embodies the finest qualities both as a teacher and a friend and confidant. Every lesson in all eight years I studied under her tutelage was filled with musical inspiration and instruction, and powerful life lessons that have shaped who I am today. In addition to her unwavering support and instruction as a music teacher, Teacher Patricia is one of the kindest and most positive friends that I have ever known in my life, and every moment that I spent with her was one filled with joy. From the time when I could just barely squeak out a scale to when I found myself performing great works by Ravel, Mozart, and Schumann, Teacher Patricia patiently offered me support, inspiration and instruction."

Cammie Lee, student (Portland, OR)

"Ms Scordato is an excellent teacher. She has taught me how to play piano to the best of my ability for a multitude of years and any student would be lucky to have her."

Ethan Yoon, student (Lake Oswego, OR)

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